The Top most interesting PS4 Games to Play and Enjoy

The Top most interesting PS4 Games to Play and Enjoy

These are the top most interesting PS4 Games you can play and enjoy. I know people will have different picks and ranks of the games they feel is most interesting and should rank better than the other. This Pick and ranking other is based on my experience with this games, and these are pick:

The Top most interesting PS4 Games to Play and Enjoy

10. Uncharted Lost Legacy

This is one of those games that i personally thought i wasn’t going to like compared to the other uncharted Games, the game plays like Uncharted four, but it’s actually shorter. The Gameplay and story of Uncharted Lost Legacy is amazingly great, it has an epic cinematic moments, this game without doubt is truly a most have and i recommend this game to anyone i know

9. Detroit Become Human
Believe it or not, Detroit Become Human is by far one of my favorite games of all time, it is one of the most realistic and immersive game i have ever played, it is a story between three Androids struggling with having actual human emotions, which is not socially accepted. Detroit Become Human is the only game that i know i can play over and over again to see the different outcomes from my decisions in each level of the game.

The best thing about this game is that, for every decision you make there’s a different outcome to it, and impact how the game will end. If you have not played this game. The graphics of this game are just great, the story line is amazing, if you haven’t played this game, please you need to get it and see for yourself. My wife who does not like playing games, sat down with me while playing and she picked interest on the game, i thought her, and she started playing it from beginning to finish, this was the first game she had ever played from start to finish.

8. Horizon Zero Dawn
This game is one of the most beautiful open road games you can play, the story line and gameplay is great and interesting. The game was awarded as the best ps4 Games of 2016, it was also the fastest selling of up to an amount worth 2.6 million which where sold in just 2 weeks, it was so amazing selling copy of games up to that amount in such a short timeframe at that time.

This game has since being recommended to me, but i have refused to pick it up to at least play. One day my brother got the game, then i took it and tried it. I couldn’t stop playing the game, it was amazing, it became one of my favorite ps4 games.

7. Days Gone
This is one the most underrated games in PlayStation generation. Days Gone is an emotional game from start to finish, although it feels kind of slow at the first parts of the game, but when the game picks up, it never slows down. The story and the soundtrack of this game is very good, this game got me really emotional each time i play the game. Days Gone is indeed a must play without a doubt.

6. Ghost of Tsushima
I actually underrated this game even before it’s launch, because i thought the game was going to be a an open world game, with great graphics and music, but then i was wrong. I am very happy i tried playing the game to see for myself how great this game turned out to be. The only reason this game did not make it to my top three favorite ps4 games of all time is because the other games are just that good. The story line is truly so amazing especially in the third act of the story, the performance of the actors are so good, it will make you feel you are inside the game. And the music of this game also contributed to making it such amazing masterpiece, this game wouldn’t even be as good as it is without the music. It became the fastest selling original IP game in history selling over 2.4 million copies in just three days. This game really deserves to be added to your collection, period.

5. Uncharted Four
This game was the game that got me back into my passion of gaming, i remember playing this game’s last version in 2013, and since then no game could replaced how i felt with uncharted four until the last top games i have mentioned. I fell in love entirely with gaming because of uncharted four. Nathan’s chapter with Uncharted four was done in the best way you could possibly think, it made the gameplay so much fun, the cinematic moments in this game are breathtaking. Talking about the Graphics which are so great, the facial expression. They truly nailed it with uncharted four, if you haven’t played this game yet, it means you are truly missing out on one of the best collections of games of all time.

4. The Last of Us
It pains me a lot to rank this game in the fourth place, because the game originally was a title for ps3, it was then remastered to a ps4 back in 2014. The last of us personally broke me in so many levels, in fact it changed my life. Even though this game was released in 2013, it is still considered by myself and many other people included as the best story in a video game ever. The last of us have won over 200 awards, it has sold over 17 million copies and it’s loved by millions of fans worldwide. This game has stayed relevant since it’s release. Please go play this game, you will not regret it.

3. God of War
This game is technically the best ps4 game ever, the story and the music are just so flawless, the gameplay is exquisite, the graphics are also flawless. It showed how much heart the developers of this game poured into it. I think, this is the only game i have played that is just so hard to find anything generally bad about. It just amazes me how close to perfection this game is. God of War is truly one of the most immersive games i have ever played. God of War is the main reason why ps4 became so dominant, and it’s such a shame i am ranking it in the third place, it is because the other two had touched me in different ways possible, i just cannot explain. God of War is truly one of the best games in history.

2. Spiderman
i am basically a hardcore Spiderman fan, i have dreamt to be like Spiderman ever since i was 4, i will wear Spiderman costume and jump from one couch to another pretending i was Spiderman. It was really great seeing my favorite character in games. The Spiderman ps4 game was a game changer, it gave us the best superhero game of all time. In this Spiderman ps4 game, the developers understood the character of Peter Parker and Spiderman, and they truly delivered with this game. I never wanted to finish playing this game, it was just so awesome. You will never regret ever playing the Spiderman ps4 Game.

1. The Last of Us II
This game is my most favorite ps4 Game ever, it is the most exclusive of all time. I have never seen anything like this game in the gaming community ever in my life. The last of us II by far surpasses the Last of us which i ranked 4th in my ranking list. The Graphics of this game is by far the best i have ever seen in any game i have played. The performance by Ashley Johnson, Sally Troy Baker and Laura Nailey as Abby were undeniably one of the best performance i have ever seen in a video game. This game is ahead of it’s time and i believe people will grow to appreciate it later in a few years, this is a game i will never forget. For those who are going to be playing this game for the first time, i will recommend you have an open mind, because you are about to through a hell of a ride, and in my opinion it’s truly worth it.

If you have other recommendations of ps4 games, you can mention it in the comment section.

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