Best Secret Calculator Apps for iPhone

Best Secret Calculator Apps for iPhone

The Hidden Album on your iPhone does a great job of hiding secret images and videos, but there’s something it still doesn’t do: hiding the fact that it’s hiding stuff.

There is also a way to hide media files in your Notes app. However, this method is already insanely popular, and seeing a password-protected note on your iPhone defeats the whole purpose of trying to hide the fact that you’re hiding something.

But, have you ever tried a secret calculator app?

Imagine having a calculator app that takes you to a hidden folder whenever you enter a hidden command. That surely makes it sound like sci-fi-level hacking skills, but that’s exactly what this is.

In this post, we’ll explain the whole concept of secret calculator apps, and we’ll show you the best secret calculator apps you should definitely try out on your iPhone.

What is a secret calculator app?

This isn’t a built-in iOS feature; it’s not even unique to the iOS operating system.

Instead, it’s like a type of calculator apps with a real purpose that’s different from helping you to solve your mathematics assignment.

There are a lot of them, both for Android smartphones and for iPhones. Opening them opens a regular calculator interface with all of the regular buttons. You can make basic calculations, and they always supply correct answers.

But that isn’t the real purpose of these apps. Once you install any of them for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a four-digit password.

The logic behind it is simple. You can do whatever math calculations you want, but whenever you press the same sequence of numbers, and you follow them with an equals sign (or some other generic sign), it loads up your hidden vault.

If that isn’t a genius idea, then I don’t know what is.

As I hinted above, there are many secret calculator apps on iOS that listing all of them here will be a pain. Since they all do the same job, listing all of them is quite useless.

To prevent you from having to try out apps that add no value to your life, we’ve tried them out instead. The next section will list some of the best secret calculator apps for iPhones, and why they make the cut.

Best secret calculator apps for iPhone

Best Secret Calculator Apps for iPhone

Best Secret Calculator Apps for iPhone

A working app isn’t all you need for maximum satisfaction. You need the best working app. In that view, we present some of the best secret calculator apps for iPhone.

  1. NS Vault – Calculator#

While you don’t expect apps of this caliber to make their way to the pretty strict Apple App Store, some, like the Calculator# app from New Softwares have done this quite successfully.

This app is one of the best secret calculator apps for the iPhone that has made it to the Apple App Store, and our personal favorite.

Its usable calculator makes it quite stealthy, and almost impossible to notice, except to another user. Once you hide photos and videos behind this app, it automatically deletes them from your device’s gallery app.

Looking into this app, you’ll notice that it has grown more than a mere secret calculator app. New Softwares have recently added invaluable features, making the app highly sought-after.

With the Calculator# app, you get a browser to download files from the internet directly to the hidden vault. You also get a password manager for the websites you visit using the built-in browser.

Our favorite feature of this app is one of the subtlest. Not only can you lock your media files with a password, you can also use any biometric lock that’s compatible with your iPhone. In addition, you can lock your files with a pattern also.

Do you have this app on your other devices too? You can always transfer files to another device’s vault using Wi-Fi, even if they don’t run the same operating system.

Now you know why this app takes the top spot in our best secret calculator apps for iPhone top list. You can download the Calculator# app here to start hiding stuff on your iPhone stealthily.

  1. Secret Photo Vault – SPV

For a reason, users prefer this app to our personal favorite. With a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, Secret Photo Vault is undoubtedly one of the best secret calculator apps for iPhones.

This app is simpler than Calculator#, and consequently less buggy. The app focuses on hiding photos and videos and doesn’t support documents and other file types like Calculator#.

While that may sound like a downgrade, can you really think of a time when you’ll need to hide something other than photos and maybe videos?

Secret Photo Vault has a premium plan for extra features which we didn’t have the time to test out. Thus, we can’t definitively say if certain features are paid or free.

However, we know that the app has a built-in browser, similar to that of Calculator#. This browser lets you access the internet privately without leaving any traces. You can also download files to your vault, just like you can with Calculator#’s browser.

Secret Photo Vault works on most iPhones but doesn’t offer as many features as the other option on this list. If you’re looking for an app that lets you do stuff other than hiding files behind a calculator, SPV mightn’t be the best option.

However, its dark mode and well-thought-out interface make it an incredibly cool alternative to Calculator#.



Everyone has the right to privacy, but it still remains hard to keep things private on a smartphone. While you might get by using an app specifically for hiding files, you’ll have to explain whenever someone gets to your device.

How about using one of the best secret calculator apps for iPhone?

These apps disguise as regular calculators while hiding enormous amounts of data in them. They are available across all operating systems including the one that your iPhone runs.

In this post, we list two of the best secret calculator apps for iPhone, so you don’t have to explain why you have a hidden folder on your own phone.

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