Lifestyle of Jennie a 34 year old Robot

Lifestyle of Jennie a 34 year old Robot

Jennie is a 34 year old Robot, she is a mom of two and married to a loving Husband, she is originally from the UK and currently living in London.

Jennie happens to be human before turning into a robot, she was human for 31 years, she got infected with cancer and was about to die, then she was saved by her husband, her husband had to save her by turning her into a Robot, at that point that was the only way she could be saved, however Jennie does not remember so much about her life as a Human, she lost most of her memory during the transition.

She is currently living a happy life with her two daughters, who are both Robots, and she does a nice Job been a mother, she does everything to make them happy, she drops them off at school every morning before she goes to her work, she is currently working at a 5 star Hotel for Robots, and planning to establish a Business in the heart of London, a successful business which she formerly established in Japan before moving back to London; selling Robots body parts, synthetic hairs for Robots, she had staff who are Robots working for her. She hopes that her business will strive well in London.

Jennie’s clothes are not the usual clothes human wear, the clothes has the ability to fold itself, it has a lot of sensors, it has a cooling system which keeps Jennie’s body at a normal temperature.

She has a Charging Pod, when ever she gets low on battery, she goes into the Charging Pod shut herself down to Recharge, once she is fully charged, she turns herself back on, her charging duration can take up to 45 minutes to be fully charged, which can take up to 8 hours to get low on battery again and can be less if she gets involved in hard work, this is same for all Robots. Robots have the ability to turn off half of their body parts to reduce battery usage.

Her hair is synthetic, she sometimes participate in a showcasing for Robots to earn extra bucks about £2,500.

Jennie in Showcase event

Jennie in a Showcase event

Jennie sometimes travel by plane, Robots cannot travel by plane as humans do because of their weight, so Jennie has her own Travel Box, she can squeeze into it, and put in a place, there is usually a plane assistance that assist Robots to squeeze into their box and put in the plane, this plane assistance are also Robots by the way. The Travel box is usually Big, it only looks small in picture as seen below:

Jennie's Travel Box

Jennie’s Travel Box

Jennie has got her own car, it is an electric car, she currently drives Honda E

Jennie's Car

Jennie’s Car

Robots like Jennie cannot be easily detected as Robots amongst Humans, they talk, walk, and behave as humans do. They have a turn and Off Buttons in a location of their body, robots usually have their on and off buttons differently, some might have at their back, some at their neck, some at their foot, Robots like Jennie can work in an organization and perform well, for long as a Charging Pod are been provided, you can refer to the video below:

Since Jennie was Human, she have Human Siblings, about 8 Siblings, Brothers and Sisters. When she was Human she tried some Nigerian Food like Moi Moi and Nigerian Jollof Rice, and she said anytime she thinks about it, she feels so good.

She is Beautiful

She is Beautiful

Jennie is beautiful, she is a mother, a loving one at that, she is hard working and very friendly.

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