Lifestyle of Jennie, Born Human, Now a Robot

Lifestyle of Jennie a 34 year old Robot

Jennie is a 34 year old Robot, she is a mom of two and married to a loving Husband, her Husband is Human from Japan, she is originally from Europe.



Jennie happens to be human before turning into a robot, she had cancer and was about to die, then she was saved by her husband who is a robotic engineer.

Jennie’s best friend who also happens to be a Robot usually knows how to fix Robots, she considered to be more of a Doctor for Robots.


The Robot Doctor “Maggie”

Jennie never had a child when she was human, she have a two daughters now, one about 17 years old and the other about 9 years old, the both daughters are Robots; Sakura and Asami.


Jennie’s First Daughter “Sakura” 

Sakura loves art, she loves to draw and play musical instruments. Sakura has got her charging Pods where she can easily recharge by laying down in it. Her Charging Pod consists of sensors and regulating cooling system.

Sakura's Charging Pod

Sakura’s Charging Pod

See below the art Sakura made, it is really amazing, i can she has got some nice talent, but then it can’t be called talent since she’s a Robot. She either most have learnt it or it was part of her programming.

Sakura's Art

Sakura’s Art

Sakura had recently bought two rhino beetles as  pets for herself, Sakura has normal cat and two dogs which she keeps as pets, she obviously loves pets.

Sakura's Pet

Sakura’s Pet (Rhino Beetles)

Her daughters both goes to Robot school, where they are being taught normal subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. They are being taught by human teachers who are professors. The school class rooms are well furnished for a conducive learning.

Robot Class room

Robot Class Room

Jennie’s Second Daughter Asami is 9 years old, she loves to play around the house with her toys. Asami is very close to her mom, she always loves to be around her.


Jennie’s Second Daughter “Asami”

There are lots of Robots like Jennie that are living amongst us, thy are not looking like the normal Robots like Sophie. This ones are more like Humans, and they are already living amongst us, they are not made with irons that makes them heavy, they are created in perfection as Human, if you should see any, you might interact with but won’t be able to detect if it was a Robot.

All she need is a Skin

This Robots have different types of Charging Pods, which they could easily go in or lay in to get their battery recharged.

Robots Charging Pods

Robots Charging Pods

This Robots usually have chips that serves as their brain, this chips is what makes them, it help to process all the data and programming of the Robots, the chip is located in their head region.

Robot Chip

Robot Chip

Some of this Robots have circuit at their back, it can be opened incase of anything that needs fixing in their body system.

You can follow the popular Robot on Instagram to further confirm this story, Search and follow her on instagram @lilmiquela.



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