How to Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

Tracing a mobile number is a pretty difficult task. Pulling it off requires expertise, practice, and skill.

It is mostly done by technological experts that work for security agents when they need to locate a stolen or missing phone.

Individually, this should be practically impossible to pull off. However, with the level of technological advancement and nonstop innovations available right now, almost everything is possible when it comes to tech.

So is tracing mobile number exact location on map a possibility?

This article would provide you with the answer. You’ll also learn how to trace mobile number exact location on map if that’s possible in the first place.

Let’s get started.

Why trace mobile number exact location on map?

When most people hear ‘tracing a phone number,’ the first thing that comes to their mind is security agents or tech experts trying to recover a stolen or lost device.

However, this isn’t always the case. Some people trace specific mobile numbers when they suspect scams, or when they are being troubled by incessant and unsolicited calls.

When an anonymous contact disturbs you with continuous calls or messages, you can trace their contact location for details.

While we don’t recommend visiting anyone that shot you a random call or text, there’s no harm in flexing your digital skills.

Also, tracing somebody’s mobile number could be to simply get the personal details of the individual for whatever you might want to use it for. It should better be legit or you’ll have a problem if caught!

How to trace mobile number exact location on map?

Like I mentioned earlier, tracing a mobile number’s exact location on a map is a complex process.

However, I will provide a breakdown of the processes involved in tracing a phone number using the Spyine app.

Let’s begin!


Spyine is a mobile phone number tracker that is designed to make use of a device’s WiFi, GPS, and cellular data to pinpoint the exact location of the phone number or WhatsApp number.

What distinguishes the app from its counterparts is its compatibility. It can work with both outdated versions of the top operating systems, as well as their latest versions.

The app uses the device’s SIM card in tracking its exact location. Another additional feature is that Spyine supports GPS and Wi-Fi tracking, and it features a web-based interface that makes it readily accessible from any web browser.

While tracking apps don’t usually respect your privacy, you don’t have any worries with Spyine. If their promises are anything to go by, the app won’t collect any of your personal details for any reason.

Spyine features

  • It has an interactive map.

In addition to tracing the phone number’s exact location on a map, Spyine offers you the extra advantage of being able to follow the device with a specific phone number in real-time. You can also keep tracking the device, even if the device is on the move.

You can zoom in and out just like you are scrolling a normal map, this interactive tracking functionality can allow you to follow the phone number for weeks.

  • Google Maps integration

Another advantage of Spyine is that it integrates Google Maps. This integration brings the impressive features of Google Maps to a spying app to give you a cinematic experience.

Now imagine combining Google Maps features with normal phone tracking functionality; that’s sci-fi level functionality.

  • Location logs

You don’t have to keep tracking the device for hours on end. With this feature, you can access the logged locations of the phone during specific instances.

This information will include the date and time of entry and exit, the geographical coordinates, as well as the exact location details.

Spyine doesn’t cause any harm or loss of data to the target device because traces the location of the target device using its SIM.

Also, the app is a trusted one that is relied on by millions around the globe to recover stolen or lost gadgets as well as track their loved ones.

How to use Spyine

The workability of the app depends on the operating system that you use to run the app. Since it works differently on iOS and Android devices, you may need to read the guide below to achieve proficiency with the app.

  • On Android

If you want to use Spyine on your Android device, you will have to download and install the application package on your phone.

If you follow all the necessary setup instructions, the app should send tracking data to your web dashboard.

This allows you to access the app remotely from your Android device or computer. Downloading the app should be a breeze, as it’s 2MB in size.

  • On iOS

This works completely differently from the Android version. You don’t need to download or install any app, but instead, Spyine extracts your iCloud details and requests for the details of the target device.

After providing all the details requested, you can track the mobile number on the device from any modern web browser.

Alternative apps to trace mobile number exact location on map

There are other apps and websites that can be used to track phone numbers and devices.

Platforms like BeenVerified, People Finders, Truecaller, Spokeo, amongst others all serve a similar purpose to Spyine.

Downsides of tracing mobile numbers

Inasmuch as the advantages of using tracking applications like Spyine looks enticing, there are some disadvantages that make the process look scary.

For example, you can get into legal trouble when you track other people’s phones without their consent. Most of these apps will actively discourage you from using them without the target device’s permission.

Tracking a device without the permission of the owner violates the fundamental freedom of privacy.

Also, some trackers would end up tracking you, instead of you tracking others. This implies that they end up collecting your personal data for dubious purposes while serving no useful tracking purpose.


Nobody said it would be easy to trace a mobile number exact location on map. However, it’s still possible, and worth trying, if you have a good reason.

You can use it as a parent, but tracking your partner without their consent could land you in legal trouble.

Before trying to trace anyone, try familiarizing yourself with the associated laws. You won’t want to land in jail for being ‘techy.’

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