How to recover deleted messages on iphone

How to recover deleted messages on iphone

I am pretty mush sure you have an iPhone right now, and one of the app you probably use the most is messages.
But then what happens when you accidentally delete one? and you definitely want to get the messages back
What do you do now? Well, you are lucky, because i will walk you through getting your messages back.

How to recover deleted messages on iphone

Contact your Carrier

If you want your deleted messages back, then this is another method you can use to get your messages restored to your iPhone, especially in the case of a legal suit or some kind of professional engagement where you need those messages back or else something bad might go wrong, but then let me warn you that this method can be really expensive, every iPhone users i think have different carriers. to find your Carrier:

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Go to general tab
  • That’s were you can find your carrier, and you can visit your carrier’s website to get contact information, get in touch with them and explain the situation

The messages App for most iPhone users is very important, especially if you are using it for professional reasons, so the message probably contains a pretty important information, documents or photo, etc. We are going to go through Some pretty useful tips

How do i recover deleted text messages on my iphone for free

1.Use your iCloud

Well this is probably one of the most obvious one, but if you regularly use iCloud and sync to your iPhone, you can simply just tap into the backup and pull basically anything that you want from any point in time, it’s just like a time machine in which you can go back in time to get something, but then i should warn you real quick to use utmost caution when using this method as it obviously does require you to restore your iPhone to a factory settings.
But if it’s a bit scary for you, then i will recommend you try other methods we shall be disusing here, but then if you are comfortable using this method, why not; you can go ahead and open your settings app.

  • Go to general and select the reset option
  • Tap erase all content and settings, and then confirm your choice by clicking erase now
  • This is obvious as it’s a really sketchy thing to do, but for long as you have your iCloud backup, you have nothing to fear
  • Go ahead and follow your phone’s instructions until you see the apps and data page
  • From there choose restore from iCloud backup, Note that you will have to sign into your iCloud account and choose the most recent backup that you know contains the conversation that you had before it was deleted, for example, let’s say you had the conversation last week and you have deleted he message today, then you have to go back to that backup that was made last week or anytime before last week when that conversation took place
  • Finally, you wait for the recovery process to finish and you should have your conversation back

 2. Use iTunes

This is very similar to the iCloud method, except for the fact that this time we will be using an iTunes backup, so basically if you are an iPhone user, you have probably been connecting you iPhone to your computer to sync it with iTunes music and play movies at least once in a while.

If you have done this, then there is a good chance that there is an iTunes backup waiting for you on your computer that you can use to restore your messages, but this method is only applicable to Mac OS Catalina or Mac OS Mojave. Now let’s begin:

  • Launch finder and select your iPhone under locations
  • Click on the Restore backup button
  • Tap and pick the most recent and relevant backup that you want to restore
  • Enter you Password if you are been asked
  • Click Restore
  • And Voila, you are done

3. USe Uldata

Another way to recover your deleted messages from iTunes is by using Uldata, it is a professional iPhone data recovery tool.

  • Inside the Recovery data from backup section, you will find a list of backups created by iTunes
  • You can actually select messages only to restore
  • After a scan, it shows you the details of messages and groups the attachment for you separately
  • Make a selection to hit the recover to device button
  • Go back and check your messages, you will see that only messages are restored
  • You can also restore other stuffs aside from just messages using the Uldata

How to retrieve deleted messages on iphone without backup

Maybe you did not make any backup at all before you last deleted your messages, like SMS, MMS< and iMessages, and you want to recover those deleted messages on your iPhone without any form Backup at all, not to worry, it doesn’t mean you cannot recover your messages, there are ways you can still get them back.

You can use an iPhone message recovery tool, without any backup it can scan your iPhone directly to search for your messages deleted or lost recently or even months and years ago, along with the attachments sent with the texts.
You can then preview each deleted message conversation, select what you need and hit recover

Here is How:

  • Use this link to get the tool
  • Click Products
  • Select iOS data recovery for Windows or for Mac OS, then download it
  • Select the recover from iOS device mode, that is when you need to recover deleted messages without your iPhone being backed up
  • Click it
  • Plug your iPhone to the Computer, Note; this is the same for all iPhones
  • Click on the Start Scan Button
  • You can see it scanning all your text messages and attachments
  • During the searching, click on encrypted scan button
  • Enter the Passcode on your iPhone
  • Click on the continue button it asks after when scanning is done
  • Click messages in the left sidebar, “what you will see on the right are the deleted and existing messages that can be recovered back to your iPhone”
  • To the right screen, you can preview the details of each conversation
  • Select what you need to recover
  • After the selection, hit on the recover button
  • Select folder to keep them in your computer
  • Then hit the recover button again
  • The recovery process should be done within seconds in the opening window
  • The recovered conversations will be saved in HTML or CSV file in the selected folder
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