How to Find Someone Free of Charge Online

So you need to find someone, but you’re not a policeman. There is a logical limit to the amount of searching you can possibly do.

Thanks to the internet, you can push those limits exponentially. Or, it can be more accurate to say those limits don’t even exist anymore.

Depending on your proficiency with the internet, you can find anyone without having to pay a dime. If you’re not extremely proficient with internet-related stuff, we are.

That’s why we’re writing this guide on how to find someone free of charge on the internet. Using some of the websites listed in this article, you may possibly find whoever you seek.

How to find someone free of charge

  1. Google

If you’re looking for anything or anyone, Google may be an excellent start. With the wealth of information available on the Google search engine, the insanely knowledgeable search engine may be the best place to lead you to the person you seek.

If you have the picture of the person you’re searching for, you can do a reverse image search to find them. Google is one of the pioneers of image search technology, making it one of the best places to search with images.

If you don’t have the picture of the person in question, you can find them using the information that you already know about them.

Things like their name, where they work, and where they’ve lived can lead you to their various social media accounts on the internet.

While Google’s homepage may look innocently simple, it is silently the best way to find a person for free if you have some background information about the person in question.

  1. Family Tree Now

This website provides so much information that many reports describe it as terrifying. Imagine typing in your name into a box and getting all the information you’ve ever provided about yourself.

Yes, it’s terrifying, but it can come in handy when you need information about someone. You may want to type in some information about the person to see what information you can gather about them.

One potential disadvantage of this site is related to the publicity it has garnered in recent years. While it has been online since 2014, the recent online privacy bubble has thrown the website in the light, making even more people aware of it.

To keep the website compliant with local laws, the management added functionality for people to remove their data from the website.

The unique thing about Family Tree Now is the cost. While most similar websites charge a premium for similar or even inferior services, most of the features on Family Tree Now are totally free.

As the name suggests, the website is a genealogy website, created to link up family trees. However, nothing stops you from using it to your own advantage, in our case, to find people online.

If the person in question isn’t a privacy freak who goes about genealogy websites removing their information, Family Tree Now should fetch you a great deal of information. The website is available at

  1. Pipl

If Google and Family Tree Now are insufficient for you, you may want to try out Pipl. While this website works like Family Tree Now, it prides itself in its ability to scour the deep web.

No, the deep web isn’t that part of the internet where people sell guns and drugs—that’s the dark web. Instead, the deep web is a part of the internet that is unavailable to regular search engines like Google, Bing, or Family Tree Now.

In short, Pipl can search for information through websites that are locked behind a paywall.

Since Pipl can break through paywalls, expect a load of unexpected information while trying to find someone using the website. Information like the person’s phone number, employer, address, and even pictures isn’t unusual discoveries on Pipl.

The best thing about Pipl isn’t the abundance of rare information, it’s the fact that it’s free of charge. Using the website to find someone is the equivalent of finding their profile on sites that charge you to access them, only that it doesn’t charge you.

  1. Whitepages

Whitepages is about the biggest website that’s featured on this list, other than Google. With 50 million unique visitors who are willing to give away their information for publicity, you should definitely check out this website if your motive is to find someone for free.

Whitepages gives out a respectable chunk of information for free, including the names, phone numbers, and email addresses. If you’re willing out to shell out some money for some more information, you can check out their premium plans, starting from only $5 a month.

You can look up people by their names, state, or both. Since it has a pretty revealing free version, it deserves a feature in this list.

  1. TruePeopleSearch

if your motive is to find someone online, only a few services trump This website lets you find information about people by entering their names or doing a reverse address or phone number search.

This website is getting increasingly popular, partly due to its clean and uncluttered interface, and mainly due to the wealth of information it provides for free.

Unlike Whitepages that provide a paid plan, everything on this website is free. If you run a search, you’ll only see the best of what TruePeopleSearch has to offer as they have nothing to sell to you.

A downside of this platform is the absence of reverse image search. But since Google can do that perfectly, why bother?


Finding people can be quite a chore. With privacy concerns being all the rage now, it’s doubtful that you can get any meaningful information from any social media website.

But we don’t need social media; there are hundreds of other platforms that provide information about people online, although, most of them require a paid subscription.

If you don’t want to pay a subscription, you’re at the right place. This post details how to find someone free of charge using just a computer, and an internet connection.

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